HIE stands for ”Hottest In Europe” and naturally we think Stockholm is one of the hottest cities in Europe. Besides being the origin of the world famous Nobel Price, Sweden is also known for being in the forefront of design, fashion, technology and even music. I am sure you’ve heard of ABBA or Swedish House Mafia just to name a couple of music phenomenons produced here. Oh, and also there is that other ground breaking innovation known as the modern color computer screen invented by a Stockholm native. The list of this city’s claims to fame could go on for quite a while but let me keep it measured or ”lagom” as any swede would tell you. As the main gateway to this beautiful vast country, our clean, vibrant city is influenced by the many different cultures of its inhabitants. Diversity has become the city’s mantra engulfing everything that one encounters. Stockholm is becoming a hot fusion of the best from all over the world. When you visit markets like Hötorgshallen or go clubbing at Club Nuhlinga you will really experience the open mind of the Stockholmer. It is the people that make up a city. Their everyday lives are the thread that makes up the fiber of the story that is Stockholm. We want to tell these stories. We want to share the experiences that make the natives proud to call this city their home. You chose to visit Stockholm for a reason and we may never know that reason but now that you are here let us the natives guide you through an experience of a lifetime. Spring is here finally and us, the Stockholmers, are coming outside to let our faces melt in the sun. Bars, restaurants and coffee places open their outdoor services. For a native it is pure luxury to enjoy a drink in the sun. There is no shortage of happiness and as a visitor this works in your favor. Almost any request made by you will be met with the upmost enthusiasm. Take advantage and enjoy the great northern hospitality.

Welcome to Stockholm!


Sankt Eriksgatan 79
113 32 Stockholm